a warm welcome

When you feel that first chill in the air, it’s time for a festive reset to warm things up. A woven basket, shimmering serving tray or some lush greenery to spruce up the mantle. Because as you welcome those first guests into your home, you’ll want to be Holiday Ready.

our aesthetic is your aesthetic.

Napa Valley. Everything we do reflects the casual elegance we find there. From distinctive homes and gardens to evenings filled with music, good friends and the world’s best wine. It’s a community of culture and a landscape of beauty. A place steeped in tradition, yet with an eye on modern.

  • Coming Soon. The Remarkable Craft of Chulucanas

    The remote village of Chulucanas, in Northern Peru, is known for its handcrafted ceramics. Using techniques passed down from Incan ancestors, each and every piece is made with equal parts patience and passion. Check back for more details on this exquisite collection.